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Our Staff


Our Staff

Our staff consists of experienced early childhood educators trained in Anti-Bias work, and all share a conviction for Social Justice.


Toya Harris, Lead Teacher

Toya has been working with children for many years in small and large group settings, and is an all-around inspiring human being. She is extraordinarily genuine, patient, and kind with our students, as well as a whole lot of fun. Ms. Toya embodies empathy in all her interactions, always conscious of the goings-on within the classroom. She is a creative, observant, and caring teacher who’s lightness and ease of character is balanced by her steadfast commitment to justice and mutual respect. When she is not teaching preschool, she can be found performing around town under her pseudonym: DJ Toya B!

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CC Alexander, Classroom Teacher

CC joined Columbia City Preschool in the beginning of 2019, and couldn’t be happier spending her time connecting with preschoolers and modeling intentionality. Over the last 5 years, CC has worked in various preschools around Seattle. She is inspired by CCP’s continual effort towards equity and constant drive to bring the community into the classroom. CC studied Psychology and Photography at The Evergreen State College, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Art Therapy from Antioch University. What she has learned as both a student and a teacher is this one simple truth: no matter what our age, we all want to play and be seen. Joys include nature, making things, movement, and no day is complete without a cuddle from her feline-friend, Pawl McCatney.


Benjamin Conrad Gore, Director/Founder/Teacher 

For over a decade, Benjamin has worked with human beings ranging in age from newborns to seniors in a variety of settings: teaching English as a Foreign Language in Nong Khai, Thailand, and later at The Evergreen State College; counseling at a group home for teenage foster boys in Lacey, Washington; organizing activities for a day shelter in London, England; as well as five years of classroom experience as a preschool teacher here in Seattle. Education is a passion, be it teaching or learning (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference). Other passions include music, art, conversation, imagination, and a good old fashioned game of baseball. He studied Educational Practice, Developmental Psychology, and Consciousness Studies at The Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington.


Maria Wiemann, Enrollment/Guest Teacher Coordinator

Maria is thrilled to join the Columbia City Preschool team this Fall! She has been an elementary school teacher for eight years before taking time off to raise her own kids. Working with little kids is the best job she could ever dream of, but she also loves working with parents on their parenting journey (Oh the joys and sorrows!!). She is a Parent Educator for Families of Color Seattle where she leads various parent support groups. She has a Masters in Elementary Ed. and a B.A. in Fine Art and a B.A. in Psychology. She loves to infuse art, sensory play, and mindfulness into her lessons.  She lives, works, and plays in Columbia City with her two daughters and her husband, a local architect. You may see her playing with her family in the backyard, or tending to her chickens in the garden .

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Hannah Hong Frelot, Community Coordinator

Hannah Hong Frelot thrives on sharing her love of intersections between culture, racial and social justice, theory and practice. Her family and loving communities give her hope, life, and purpose. Working with children, education, and race, Hannah utilizes a critical eye towards art, media, and the construction of motherhood in order to create a better society for her family as well as the good of all. She supports mothering as a superpower and writes for radical healing and transformation.

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An important piece of our program is the continuing service to our community through local non-profit organizations.

Each month we partner with a different organization and give our time and energy through service projects. We work with these non-profits to find how we, as a preschool community, can best offer a beneficial action. This takes the form of drives, direct interaction, physical projects like cleaning or building, and raising awareness through community action. We invite and encourage our students' families to join us in these partnerships, as well as the greater community.