Social justice/Equity/Inclusion

Social justice, equity, and inclusion are essential to every child’s education. We celebrate all identities including gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, mental and physical ability, race, culture, ethnicity, religion, age and more.  Equity, social justice, and anti-bias education are integral to a healthy and whole community. We commit to ensuring diversity in every level of our organization: in the classroom, amongst the staff, and in leadership and upper management.

Empathy and Mutual Respect               

The best way to foster empathetic, kind children is to model that behavior as adults. This means that we commit as an organization, as educators, and as parents to act with passion, honesty, and kindness. We choose to act with the best of intentions, aware that we all have room to grow. We resolve to treat the children with patience and kindness. We will never yell at, punish, or label your child. Instead we will set clear, consistent, and reasonable expectations and consequences.

Authentic Communication

We commit to successful communication, and emphasize the use of active listening by all members of our community: staff, administration, parents, board members, and students. We believe that the voicing of requests and concerns, alongside encouragements and accolades, maintains a safe environment wherein all involved feel heard and motivated to be proactive. Honesty and empathy are invaluable tools in creating mutual understanding, which is essential in effective communication.

Opportunity and Responsibility

We emphasize the vast range of what it means to practice responsibility, along with the recognition of opportunity. We encourage and cultivate an awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as the consequences that these things bring. We are dedicated to owning our parts in any given situation and to engaging in constructive conversation. We take care of ourselves, and are committed to responding to others with empathy and proactive support.


We are dedicated to the expression of self, the fostering of imagination, and the sharing of positive experience. An environment that is enjoyable is one that supports the growth of emotional and social health; fun is a powerful motivator and an integral tool in the acquisition of knowledge.